Wednesday, March 22, 2017

"The Cyclist and The Eon Driver: No One Wins"

"The Cyclist and The Eon Driver: No One Wins"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

Last year a man shot a cyclist dead after the latter scratched his car and beat him in hand to hand combat.

People tend to focus on the tragic shooting and the death of the cyclist. How it was so senseless and that the shooter was solely at fault for his actions. In a way he is and in other ways he isn't.

Looking at the video that was caught on a street CCTV. The two got into a fight in the middle of the street. The shooter who alighted from an EON was aggressive and the taller cyclist appeared to have some martial arts training as he was able to subdue the smaller man who came at him.

Then something strange happened and this is what I believe to be the cyclists fatal mistake. Instead of just riding away after his victory due to his superior martial arts skills , he then went to the open passenger side window of the car and put his head in it as if to taunt the already beaten man. Chances are he didn't poke his head in their just to ask if the guy was ok.

Since there was no audio one can only assume that things were said or not said. The words may not be known but results of them became painfully clear. One man is dead and the other is now serving time in jail.

The other odd thing was is that after seemingly taunting the driver , the cyclist nonchalantly walked away and kept on looking at the car as if daring the driver to do something. Or maybe just to check what the driver would do next buy whatever it was that he was doing he sure was taking his sweet time to go farther from harm's way. He just walked instead of immediately riding his bike and moving on with his life that ended tragically that day.

People would reason that things would have been different had the driver never had a gun in his car. In which I would say that even if without the gun the driver would have just ran over the cyclist or ram him if he had the chance.

In conclusion both men lost. The cyclist for gloating and the for the driver who had no control over his emotions at that time. And eventually expressed himself with a gun.

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