Wednesday, March 22, 2017

"Elevator Knock out"

"Elevator Knock out"
V.F.De leon Jr. MD

So as I was settling in my desk I heard the head of security ask the nurse on duty if she was making an incident report about something that happened a few days ago.

An agent had apparently lost consciousness after being hit by a closing elevator. While it is not uncommon to be hit by a closing elevator I have often found that the lift doors open if they sense that they have hit something.

I have been hit by a closing elevator on numerous occasions but I have never been knocked out before so I was really curious as to how it all happened.So it made me wonder if this particular agent went in head first like some character in Naruto or had been tripped and hit their head on the pavement and then lost consciousness.

As I was turning to ask the security chief I noticed that he was already out of the door.Leaving me with this particular mystery. And the absurd thought that a head on exit was squished by the closing lift doors.

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