Tuesday, February 28, 2017

"They better not make me mad."

"They better not make me mad."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

He felt the music reverberating through the walls as he opened the keypad with his single free hand. He had bought a hotdog  sandwich and a bottle of water from the convenience store across the street. It might be something that YuuA might not find healthy but it was something that she definitely ate. Pentatonix's  La La Latch was playing and that meant that she was practicing for this years ISAC and as he opened the door V could see the way that YuuA twirled her ribbon so that it looked like there was swirling beams of light all around her. There are many who believe that this illusion was based on spirits hovering around humans and the beauty that they could add to them if the human becomes aware of them. V has been alive long enough to know that this was true but had a slightly different view on how these spirits could affect humans. 

YuuA was so intent in her routine that she failed to notice that V was already seated at the back of the room. His long legs crossed in front of him as he held the food he brought for her.

"Oh I am so sorry V. Have you been there long?" The girl said smiling in way of apology and running toward the man when he offered the food.

"Enough to see your routine a couple of times I think." V said as he handed the bottle of water to Yuua which the girl responded to with a quick thank you and a kiss on his cheek.

"So what do you think about it?"

"I'd say Mr. Kim is really pushing you to all this individual promotions a bit too much but I like it. Linnie could be the best runner in the group but you are really the best chance at winning Rhythmic gymnastics this year."

"We'd still be in the 400m relay too."

"And I am already predicting that as the baton is passed to the third runner another wide gap will be created and Linnie will be crossing the finish line all by herself again."

YuuA sat beside V and slapped him on the shoulder."You give the third runner so much credit."

"Not even enough. I predict that this will be your 2nd straight win in 3 years. I was there for the first time and I believe that you lost merely because you chose Hyosin to run last and Linnie first."

"Oh you were there the first time?" YuuA said. "Did you notice me then too?"

"It is kind of hard to miss the twin pig tails you were wearing that day."

"You even remembered that."

"If I can memorize spells that create matter from nothingness I think I can remember that about you. That and the effort that you put out to be neck in neck with what might have been the best runner on that field at that time. You beat her too which made me believe that you would do much better next year. I even thought that you were just being respectful to your sunbae but after seeing how upset you were it was safe to say that you gave your all in that race."

"You saw that too huh.It was inside the dugout and I thought Jinyo covered me well enough so as the fans could not see my disappointment."

"I always see you YuuA."

"I believe you." YuuA started munching on the hotdog like a little kid and a bit of mustard fell on her white shirt. She sighed.

"You don't always have to be perfect. I keep telling you that. Not with me at least." V said as he stood to go to the door.

"You just got here V-oppa. Where are you going?"

"The Magistrates said that they will meet with me tonight regarding the matter of the Dragon Altar I destroyed in the mountains."

"Oh. Are you going to be ok?"

"My hope is that they don't make me mad."

YuuA thought of the last time he saw V mad.

"I hope so too."

V waved two fingers at the dancer and was out the door.  

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