Tuesday, February 28, 2017

"The Dragon Waits"

"The Dragon Waits"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

V waited for her in the underground parking lot , right across where YuuA was currently in practice sessions for another variety show. Sometimes it seemed that all he did was wait and he did not mind it at all except for the fact that Blue was always on his case about not taking the end of the world seriously. She was having her whispered tirades now as she stood beside him smoking a cigarette , her back and right leg to the wall for support.

"Time is running out master. Ms. YuuA needs to be harvested for you to ascend. The end of the world is at hand." For someone who wears a color associated with Ice Blue is not a mellow person and she is trying to be discrete by whispering these not so certain reminders in between drags. "The Magistrates , The Yuu ,Black , Green and White are all moving and we seem to be stuck in one place."

"Have a little faith in me ok?" 

"Faith is all I have in you master. It is the only thing keeping me from going insane with your plans."

"Good. She will surrender her orb to me when she is ready and not before."

"Why does it seem to me that you really are not interested in taking it from her?"

"What makes you say that? We are here after all."

Blue slid her thumb over her phone to reveal a picture of  a dusty tome , it's pages covered in the minuscule writing of one of the worlds wisest dragons. 
"Master , seeking alternatives from the Tome Dragon might prove unproductive. No one believes in him anymore."

"Which I find odd because the man is a genius."

"Be it as it may. The Magistrates have exiled him and no one is permitted to talk to him in his tower."

"Another odd thing because you knew I talked to him and you were able to take this picture. Which makes One Scaleless dragon and One Talon who was able to make contact with the Tome Dragon in a small amount of time.You think the Magistrate's didn't notice?"

"I don't know about you Master but I was very careful."

"I have faith in you Blue. Now show me the same as I figure this one out."

"They say if the Maiden loves you then the orb can be freed from her physical form without killing her. You are patient Master but what makes you think that other of your kind are as patient."

"With me standing guard over these girls I think they can afford to be more patient don't you think?" V's eyes glowed a shade of black and Blue recognized anger when she sees it in his master.

"Be that as it may. We still need to get this going Master. Time is not standing still."

"Only her feelings for me stand still it seems."  V spoke almost inaudibly to himself.

"What was that?" Blue asked.

"YuuA will be finished soon. I will see you at the Water Palace on Sunday for the Scales to make their reports. I am reserving Saturday."

The talon knew when she was being dismissed as well and with a slight bow she slid into the shadows keeping a watchful eye on the Scaleless dragon known as V.

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