Wednesday, September 28, 2016

"Metallurgic Summonings: So...Much...Abuse..."

"Metallurgic Summonings: So...Much...Abuse..."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

I always believed that the choices we make leads us into irreversible paths. And last Kaladesh PR I decided on running a Black/Green deck that had more efficient creatures and removal instead of going for a Blue/Red deck that would have centered around.Metallurgic Summonings. I wanted to abuse this card as much as possible and it meant that I would have to bide my time. Control the battlefield until I am able to catch this 5 mana enchantment that can provide a lot of pain in the mid to late game.

What I wanted to do was to wait for my opponents to cast their biggest , nastiest creatures and then....

I had 3 of these nasty things and in my card pool and I picture capturing a big creature like the 5/7 lonely Automaton and use this creature to deal damage to my opponent or to force my to block when his life points become critical.

In the process I would have a 3/3 colorless construct creature since Metallurgic Summonings allows you to put an X/X creature where is is the Instant or Sorcery spell that you just cast. So I grabbed me a Lonely Automaton , 5/7 creature until end of turn and got a 3/3 creature for later.

The great thing about this enchantment is that you could potentially get a massive X/X construct when you cast a big instant spell. You Counter something with a Last word? You get a 4/4 Construct. You draw cards with a Tezzeret's Ambition you get a 5/5. You untap every non-land permanent you control? You get a 2/2 from Dramatic reversal.  Chances are if you are playing control there might be  a strong probability that you are running empty by the late game and you have a graveyard full of things that you might want to use again.

Metallurgic Summonings could give you access to them again on the condition that you control 6 or more artifacts. With all those early activities you are bound to have a lot of these colorless construct s on your side of the battlefield. Simply pay 5 mana , Exile  Metallurgic Summonings and pray to whatever deity you believe in that you have a Spellbook or Reliquary Tower already in play for all the goodies you are about to receive.

Metallurgic Summonings could potentially work well with Sultai Cards with Delve. For Great sorcery and Instant spells but with reduced costs! The enchantment does not care how you paid for the spell it just looks at that pretty big casting cost and produces a monster of equal enormity for you. So Treasure Cruise means drawing 3 cards and an 8/8 monster!Temporal Trespass is an 11/11 monster and an extra turn! Set Adrift , Murderous Cut , Dig Through Time and Dead Drop are all helpful spells too. Murderous cut is a particular favorite of mine since you get to destroy an opponents creature and get a 5/5 fattie in the process. How abusive is this enchantment right?

At first glance it seems like Metallurgic Summonings and Delve would not really work with each other but Delve gives you another option by giving you big creatures that could help you or you could wait and control a little bit more by getting back your Instants and Sorceries from your graveyard.

Cards with the Rebound  mechanic would also love Metallurgic Summonings on their side of the board. Consider the following scenario.

You have cast a Void Squall to bounce a non-land permanent to an opponents hand. Let us say it was a creature and it was the only your opponent had on the battlefield. So now because of Metallurgic Summonings you have 5/5 Construct on the battlefield. Your opponent would logically cast the same creature but when your next upkeep comes around here comes Void Squall again due to the Rebound mechanic and you also get another 5/5 construct. The previous one you had could also attack this round. And next turn you have 2 5/5 Fatties that could help you win. 

Taigam's strike could also be a big finisher here with it pumping a creature you have for +2/0 and making it unblockable plus a 4/4 Construct and another one when rebound comes around.

Sight beyond Sight doesn't just give you scrying and a card draw. You also have a 4/4 Construct and another one with Rebound. How deadly is that right? Also before casting the card you could shout..."Sword of Omens give me..."And you could say that twice! Expect people to guess your approximate age if you do so.

I will always wonder if I used this other deck with Metallurgic Summonings and how things would have turned out. Probably not as much as I hoped since I only had a limited amount of spells at my disposal because of the glut of new creatures and vehicles in Kaladesh. There will always be EDH to test this in. I wonder if Narset would love this enchantment too.

"Why yes! Yes I would!"

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