Sunday, July 31, 2016

"Oh My Girl - A-ing MV reaction: The voice of summer."

"Oh My Girl - A-ing MV reaction: The voice of summer."
The Vole

So when I first got through watching this MV I pictured a meeting room filled with people and someone shouting(In Korean)

"Quick what are the things that define summer?"

And then a quick flurry of answers from almost everyone in the room.

"Swimming pools"
"The Beach"
"Eating Fruits"
"Seashells and flowers by the beach"
"Cool , Breezy outfits."
"SNSD's Party"

People collectively looked at the person who gave the last answer and said inwardly why the hell not. What do the girls have to lose , right?

So they took all of this , weaved it into a ball and twisted it around so that it still feels like summer but it was something that resembled a slumber party full of the 8 most aegyo filled girls this side of the world. 

When news came out that OMG was coming out with Summer Special , Miracles(OMG's fandom name) were treated to a teaser of YooA and Mimi(The lead dancers) sitting by a pool with really cute swimwear. Many did not believe that this would be their main concept since it was too obvious and fans were treated to the twists when the teasers for the videos came out.

The girls wanted to be the official voice of summer that is currently in full swing in Korea. Though back here in the Philippines we are experiencing Typhoons almost every other week it is great to know that in some other part of the world people could have a fresh summer. And OMG wants to continue on the reggae trend that was started by the recently returned Wondergirls. 

So in the opening of the MV you see the girls eating fruits and I do hope no one makes a silly gif of Arin playing with that banana. Well to make you totally forget that image in your head you see Arin in an MGM frame where she does the A-ing pose , which seems like she is pushing a button or your nose in a really cute way. I am sure a lot of Miracles have come near their computer screens imagining just that.

If you totally forgot what time it is the Reggae duo of Skull and Haha will remind you. It is summer time and this is the hottest tune you would ever hear. And even if this is a remix of Papaya's Listen to my Words OMG has stamped their own flavor on it that you would let it just slip into your brain and let it linger there for the rest of the day.

The song is about a girl who keeps talking about her relationship with a boy and is actually played by several of the girls starting with Arin. If you are ever curious why YooA is acting like she doesn't want to listen by covering her ears consider yourself filled in.I am beginning to believe that the real title of the song is Annoying , A-ing for short. I have no way to confirm this of course because I am basing my opinion on a hastily translated version of the song into English. Let me just state the there is absolutely NOTHING annoying about this song.

Hyojung and Seunghee's vocals are topnotch especially the latter who's line "We are going off somewhere , The white ocean is calling us" would be something that you would be singing again and again.

Mimi's rap break with Skull and Haha is pure ear candy and there is no denying the leaps and bonds that her rapping has reached. Miracles who complained about the lack of rap parts on Windy Day will not be disappointed here. WM does listen to it's fans.

Arin , Jiho , Binnie and Jine get equal vocal time and if you already love their visuals prepare to love them more because they were all posed her to reveal their charms.

And what about YooA? Aside from acting crazy she is featured in some of the iconic scenes of the video like the lifeguard  seat scene where she is looking through a telescope. Pure Aesthetic genius with the pink smoke effects. And she once again shows her well timed dancing and even does a solo ballet performance albeit only for a few seconds.

And the dance? I eagerly await the live performances because OMG has always been known for their precise and powerful movements. Dance steps that look really beautiful and easy to do at first glance but turns out to be rather complicated when you try it which is a testament to how each member is an established dancer who knows how to work well with each other.They make it look really easy!

Remember those twists I was telling you about earlier? The MV has a pool but it was painted in so that the girls seemed to be floating on water as they danced gracefully.

And instead of going outside the girls made artificial islands and what looks like an underground terrarium of sorts where you are cool and out of the sun at the same time. Jine on the sand is beautiful to look at and has been the cover of some youtube channels.

There would be comparisons to SNSD and their song party but then again OMG did state that they idolized their sunbae's but despite the comparisons OMG is OMG and hopefully will emerge with their first win after promoting Liar , Liar  since Late March.

Arguably the best Vocals and Visuals. Unique Concepts and Dances. Aegyo and Fan service all through out. Catchy Reggae beats. Will OMG break through? Will this be the song that makes them rise? If you are reading this you are also a factor in their imminent win. 

OMG the voice of summer. Miracles Fighting.


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