Tuesday, March 8, 2016

"Archangel Avacyn: On the Wings of Avacyn"

"Archangel Avacyn: On the Wings of Avacyn"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

I imagined what it was like being trapped inside the Helvault. Even if I was an indestructible Angel being around so much corruption would probably do something to me. I assumed that this is what is currently happening to the Post Helvault Avacyn who seems to have a nastier streak to her than the benevolent Archangel that we know of.

I could also surmise that what ever is affecting the plane of Innistrad may it be a Planeswalker dragon aka Nicol Bolas as hinted by the clouds in the teaser or the Eldrazi titan Emrakul which has the plane warping into all sorts of Hedron like shapes is also affecting Avacyn in some way. I could just imagine Sorin being very disappointed in his creation. First she gets captured in the helvault and now she is turning into some blood thirsty Angel.Tsk tsk tsk he would say.

But enough about Sorin or what he thinks and the speculations about what is affecting one of my favorite planes. I would just like to look at this new mythic flip card in all its glory. I would really want one. At 3 colorless Mana and 2 plains this is a wonderful answer to almost all of the mass removal spells currently available in Standard. For 5 mana you could cast it an Instant speed because of its Flash and you could save your creatures from a horrible death because everyone gains Indestructibility until the end of your turn.

After Archangel Avacyn is done saving your creatures it could later attack for 4 damage and still be available to defend since it has vigilance. But wait there is more!

If a non-angel creature you control dies you could go ahead and transform Archangel Avacyn at the beginning of the next upkeep.So let us assume that on your attack phase some of your creatures died and let us just say that Archangel Avacyn got really angry. So Angry that she needs to let go of that rage.

On the next upkeep she becomes Avacyn , the Purifier. And like most purifiers most of the purification process involves fire and blood.Her fire and everyone elses blood. She deals 3 damage to each other creature and each of your opponents. It reminds me of Anger of the Gods. Only this time it is the Anger of Avacyn that people would have to contend with.

Becoming a 6/5 flyer doesn't help your opponents since a swing this turn means 9 points of damage for them. Ah yes it has been awhile since I felt this excited. It helps to be on the wings of an angel for victory. No matter how bloodsoaked it is.

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