Wednesday, February 17, 2016

"Eerie Interlude:Through the Veil and Back"

"Eerie Interlude:Through the Veil and Back"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

Today I would like to look at the utility card Eerie Interlude.For 3 mana you and instant speed you get to exile any number of Target creatures you control and then return them to the battlefield at the next end step.

Let us break this down a little bit.

- It is a targeting spell which means that creatures you control with Shroud do not get exiled and remain on the battlefield.If you are playing EDH games choose creatures with Hexproof instead so you could still save them.

- This is going to be great with creatures with Enter the Battlefield (ETB) Effects and is reminiscent of the Restoration Angels ability the first time we were in Innistrad.Going through that thin veil of existence and Oblivion seems like a great way to spend the day with your creatures don't you think? 

- It is an excellent piece of card tech that allows you circumvent Mass Removal spells. Simply cast and hope that it does not get countered. If you are successful in resolving it then this spell saves all of your guys and have them back at the end of the next end step. 

- Now depending on when you use it you could get some really great battle tricks going on. You could choose to block with all your guys and then exile them during your opponents turn so that they would come back at your opponents end of turn and be ready to attack on your own turn. 

- Eerie Interlude shows great synergy with the new cards from Shadows over Innistrad that has great ETB effects like tooth collector that kills off a 1/1 creature or Topplegeist that lets you uh...Topple a creature. I am looking at you mighty non-hexproof Eldrazi titans. This one mana spirit has enough will power to tap even the biggest creatures! If you have met the cost for its delirium ability then you could keep on tapping creatures at the beginning of your upkeep. 

I expect to find a lot more cards that will negate the might of the eldrazi in this coming set especially now that there are rumors that the mightiest of the three , Emrakul might just make a tentacled appearance over the home plane of Sorin Markov. 

I really wanted Emrakul to appear on New Phyrexia so he can be Compleated. Imagine a 15/15 flying creature with Infect! Sounds like fun.

I am getting ahead of myself though.Before New Phyrexia. It is time to go back to Innistrad.

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