Wednesday, February 17, 2016

"Cupid's Loss"

"Cupid's Loss"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

"Just for the record please state your name and occupation." I began the interview in the surprisingly empty bar. The bar tender seemed to be very busy giving out drinks to no one in particular.

"Do I have to?" My guest asked in a voice that was deep but seemed whiny.


"Sigh. My name is Cupid. I help people.With my arrow and bow and all that." Cupid pointed to the various pointy instruments that were piled almost haphazardly in a corner behind him. 

"How do you do it?"

"Listen , I imbue the arrow with the persons name and the effects vary. Think of it as a very very strong suggestion but there are people who are actually way denser than others. So the effects vary. Some people immediately feel the effects , they start thinking about that one person all the time , they want to be around that person, they want to know that person and begin something called exclusion. Don't blame me if that term sounds like possession I didn't come up with it."

"So you randomly go around pointing arrows at peoples hearts?"

"No. I get a notice , a name and I show up with a named arrow in hand and hit my target.I never miss by the way. Its just that humans can be really tricky in the way that they manifest this Love that is within them and the Fates get really annoyed when they fail to act on something that was really meant to happen. People think they can escape the Fates but heck these are the same women you find in your past , present and future. They will be there and like their name states you meet your fate sooner or later." 

"Do a lot of people resist? It's Love. Old magic."

"You would be surprised by how many people struggle with their feelings and their destinies. In the end though The Fates will always win and you would fall into that which you were meant to be." 

"So people will always need you to get in touch with their feelings?"

"Nowadays No.Not everyone needs an arrow to the chest and these things just come out on their own. Yup you heard me. Good Old Cupid is losing some of these assignments to self determination.
Thanks to the Internet people could look at someone all they want.I still get the notice and when I reach the assigned target they would just be looking at a picture. At a screen. Just the image of the person. Not the actual person!"

"Is that necessary? I mean to have the actual persons in one place?"

Cupid scratched his head but continued.And it seemed that he was about to pop a vein somewhere.

"Yes. Reciprocity. You can't have a relationship with a Picture or Video. In the past people try and be around the vicinity of the person they like. There is at least that slim chance that they get to interact and fall for each other. Nowadays people call that stalking. It used to be called Sweet. People in this day and age seem to wank off more than try to interact. There are entire countries dying because of this."

"So you think your job is important?"

"Yes. Its the perpetuation of your entire species at stake. Sex and Love do mix but without the latter that's just animals fulfilling a need. I may no longer get the same results or same job satisfaction but I still feel that I have to do this. The very alternative means death."

"I'd drink to that Cupid." I raised my glass to him. He raised his and clinked on mine before downing the whole thing.

"Now get out of here and get to work. People are being unborn as we speak!" I said to him.

"Your not my boss.But thanks for the drink.I would be seeing you around. I think I may have an arrow or two for you." And I was not sure if that was some sort of threat. I took it as one.

"You better not."

Cupid went out of the bar smiling. This was going to be a very busy day for him.

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