Friday, January 1, 2016

"Yuua's Christmas Eve"

"Yuua's Christmas Eve"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

It was the 4th appearance for the day and there was 3 more before the night was over. Exhausted is probably not the word people would throw at them but they had been in and around Seoul for the past 24 hours. 

All she wanted was to get out of these clothes. These costumes that they have designed for the holidays. She knew that they had to come out strong after their recent unflattering news coverage. People have actually talked less about that incident in the airport but their rivals for Rookie group of the year  have stepped up their appearances in all forms of media. With the development of their comeback put on hold because of the holidays they had nothing to do but to go out and be among their fans and other holiday events. 

It was to be expected since their rival entertainment company has been angling for all the spots. Yuua's own company responded by ramping up their personal appearances as well. By now fans taking HD videos of their first appearances of the day would have posted it on youtube and if not then one of their staff surely would after editing and getting approval from the boss.

Yuua slumped on her designated seat behind the van driver. She put the varsity jacket that she left neatly folded there. She was careful not to rip the black stockings since the manager got so mad that he had to rush and buy new ones for Binmi when she ripped hers earlier that day.Another worry in a long string of worries that have plagued their manager since the airport incident. He was close to shouting at them at times but there was always something that held him back from doing so.

With the road and the approaching darkness all around her she only felt cold even with the jacket embracing her.She remembered the warm bed in his room. The wonderful scents of the house when he cooked. He listened to her as she complained of aches and fights. Her concerns about the present and the future. How she hurt and how tired she was at times. All with that smile on his face and his eyes. A well timed joke to bring her back to the present. He never complained if she was away and never communicated with him though she admits that was rare because nowadays all she could think of was him. She remembered his assuring arms when she was crying and aching all over from the schedules.She just wanted to be there now.

The members were falling asleep one by one. They were like that , trained to conserve strength when they were not onstage or in front of fans. Even the manager was snoring at the back of the van. She remained awake waiting for a text message from him.

"Have you eaten yet?" The driver upfront asked.

"Not a single bite since earlier."she said politely to the man who had part of his jacket covering his face. It was not unusual in this kind of cold. 

She clutched on to the jacket that he gave her. A varsity jacket that had a big Y embroidered on the left breast. Just where was he right now? She hoped he was ok somewhere. Having dinner with friends or his family.Not stuck in what seemed to be an endless amount of work like she was.

"Here take this." The driver without taking his eye from the road handed her a roast beef sandwich. It was still hot when she touched it.

"I'm sorry. I cant take that. That's probably your dinner. You'd be the one hungry."

"But I made it for you Yuua." the driver said and he lowered his jacket from his face. It was him.

She gave him a quick kiss and held his hand for a second.She felt like crying but she knew she could not do that because it would ruin her make up and they had to perform the moment they arrived at the next venue.

"What are you doing here?" 

"I gave a friend the day off. I was here the whole day."

"You were? You idiot why didn't you tell me?" She slapped him on the back of his head repeatedly but without any force. Just to show  that  she was annoyed at him for being so secretive.

"You can be mad at me later. I estimate another 15 minutes before we get to the next appearance. Eat up the sandwich before it gets cold. You hate it when it gets cold."

She hurriedly grabbed the warm sandwich and ate it as fast as she could. Thankful that he was there. Happy that he was with her this Christmas eve.And for a moment she didn't feel all that tired.

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