Friday, January 1, 2016

"The woman in the mirror"

"The woman in the mirror"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

Ah Summer. The Heat reminds me of that one summer I spent in Red Cross Caloocans Summer Safety Seminar Series where I learned a lot of cool things while having fun at the same time. Something that my daughter would be experiencing in a couple of years.

However , this piece is entitled Woman in the Mirror so I am sure that this is not about my great experiences Red Cross Caloocan. There is one story that I learned during my stay there of a woman who does appear in a bathroom mirror.

Like all Red Cross Chapters there is a room where relief goods are stored so that they could be ready to be moved in time of disasters. This area in the Caloocan Chapter was the room on the main houses left side. Once you enter it you would be met by neatly stacked boxes from Floor to Ceiling. I have never seen this room empty but there was always a little space where you could walk going to the end of the room leading to a door and I asked one of my friends what was in the room. They told me that it was a bathroom where some of the instructors could change clothes or even take baths. I thought that it was a nice spot because it was pretty isolated there.

One of my friends told me that it wasn't really such a good idea because of the ghost that lives in that bathroom.One of the instructors had a close encounter with it one time while he was taking a bath. He was rinsing the shampoo from his head when he felt a bit odd. The room went cold and though he could not see felt that something was inside the bathroom with him. At first he thought it was one of his friends who silently crept in . Still not able to see he swung his hand to where he thought the lock on the door would be and as he touched it he was satisfied that the door was closed. He opened his eyes to stare at the window right in front of him. The place was a bit misty because of his body heat but he clearly saw the woman's face emerging from behind him going toward the mirror. He turned around but no one was there. Just him and the sound of the running water that overflowed from the pail at his feet. 

He finished his bath without incident but he never took his eyes from the mirror all the time.He never took another shower there. I couldn't really blame him. I never even tried peeing in the place. "Mamaya may tumulong pa sa akin. Wag na lang di ba?"

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