Sunday, January 3, 2016

"The 3 things I learned before 7:30am"

"The 3 things I learned before 7:30am"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

So after reading an article from a fellow Magic player , Fredric Lipio , where he was asked what he learned at the beginning of a class.( You could check out the original blog. I provided a link at the bottom. ) I asked myself what have I learned by 7:30am each day? Here are three.  

1) The Wheels will keep on turning and it will not wait.

From the time you open your eyes till you arrive at your destination each morning may that be work or school or simply just the adjacent room to eat your breakfast you may find that time will not stop. It will keep on going. Alarms will eventually sound and you will find yourself rushing or relaxing depending on the state of your preparations each day. You could hear the seconds ticking by in the next minute. The minute screaming to the next hour. It will not stop based on how you feel. Unless you are Scarlet Witch. For the Rest of us it is in perpetual motion and you are either drowned in it or you swim with or against the currents.

2) Pace , Pace and More Pace.

If you have ever driven anything before from a simple Bicycle to an 18 wheeler truck you would notice that nobody drives at the pace that you want them to.This also relates to time and how people value it. The guy who only has 5 minutes before he is late and receives another earful of bludgeoning words from his boss will be that guy honking his horn at everyone else in front. Like he was some ambulance that would be magically allowed to pass the more persistent his honking becomes. I guess he is driving like a cast member from Fast and Furious most often than not he retains his place in traffic. The guy who woke up early , prepared for the inevitable slow flowing traffic will be smiling as he listens to his music or his car mates. No sweat when you are 1 and a half hours earlier than any body else.

3) You are alone but never alone. 

Driving in my car , going to various clinics all over Manila and Quezon City I get a sense of isolation from everybody else. Like I am in some sort of cocoon. A shell where only me, my music and my belongings exist.

All that is shattered of course when you see that the 6 car pile in front of you is affecting you in more ways than one. You get bogged down in traffic but you have all these feelings like the strong urge to lower your window and see if there are appendages and blood on the streets where the accidents happened. Two things happen afterwards, if you see gore , you are horrified but secretly want to see more and if you don't see anything bloody at all you drive away disappointed. Sick , I know but then again this also happens to other people. There is always a connection even though at first you never see it. 

3 things before 7:30am. I feel like Arya reporting back to the House of White and Black. So what have you learned before 7:30am today?


Thanks for the Spark Lippy!

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