Tuesday, November 10, 2015

"Blade of Selves: Sharing a Myriad of you"

"Blade of Selves: Sharing a Myriad of you"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

My very first EDH deck was Relentless Rats deck that spewed out more and more rats over time to eventually overwhelm any opponent. The More Relentless rats on the battlefield the stronger each creature becomes. So I thought to myself how can these particular rats get even stronger?

Well by abusing the Myriad mechanic from Commander 2015 of course. At this point there are several creatures that have the mechanic already built in and I was salivating at the thought of an artifact that you could equip on your creature and actually give it Myriad. Then I came upon the blade of selves that cost 2 colorless mana to cast and 4 colorless mana to equip.

"Daga , Daga"
By the way Myriad allows you to put a token of the  attacking creature with Myriad into the battlefield , tapped and attacking. The count is based on the number of opponents(other than the opponent you just attacked). If you have 3 opponents then you put 2 tokens. Or in this case 2 Relentless Rat tokens! Unless you attacked each your opponents and then you end up with Zero tokens. Don't do that ok?

So let us say you equip a single Relentless Rat and you attack with it and put 2 tokens that are exactly like it into play and since it gives a +1/+1 for each other Relentless rat in play you end up giving your ratties a +2/+2 stat bump that makes them all 4/4! Assuming they all hit an opponent that is 12 points of damage! And that is just from a single , equipped Relentless Rat! Crazy! 

"More Sacrifices , Less Blockers"
Things also get much better if you equip this on creatures with extremely good Enter the battlefield abilities like Fleshbag Marauder(opponent sacrifices creature!) , Eternal Witness(retrieve cards from graveyard) , Solemn Similacrum (land fetch) or Acidic Slime(goodbye enchantment , artifact or land). All in 2 copies(at least)! And these are just the low powered creatures that attack in the early turns. 

An added bonus will be Thragtusk which not only gives you an extra pair of 3/5 attackers and gains you 10 life points in a pinch. When you exile the 2 Thragtusk tokens created by the Blade of Selves , it leaves you with 2 3/3 beast tokens as a parting gift! I love you too Thragtusk.

Now , Imagine equipping the Blade of Selves on a Titan or a Primordial! 2 extra copies of a Sun Titan or Primeval Titan! I am just beside myself with excitement. Imagine the headache of dealing with  2 Sepulchral Primordials landing on the battlefield! That is a lot of graveyards to go through.(and I promise not to complain as I root out the best creatures out of my opponents graveyards!) 

Blade of Selves will also be extremely good attached to Non-Legendary Tribal Chieftains like Lord of the Undead or Elvish Champion which has the potential to make them 3/3 each on every attack! Not to mention the other member of that particular tribe already in play. Bloodmoon+Goblin King+ Blade of Selves seems like an equation that will send your opponents in the red in no time at all. If you catch my drift.  

I am guessing that this would be the hottest Equipment coming out of this batch of Commander decks. And why wouldn't it be. Just remember to equip it on non-Legendary creatures with ETB or Tribal stat pumps and you are all good! 

Have you thought of another way to abuse Myriad and Blade of Selves? Is your palms getting all sweaty as you wait for Commander 2015 to come out?(like me?) Leave me a comment below and thanks for reading!


  1. Stoneforge Mystic into Blade of Selves into all your other swords.
    Kokusho---depending on how many players, potentially an instant kill.

    1. I hear you there! So much potential for this equipment!