Saturday, October 10, 2015

"Movie/DVD Moments"

"Movie/DVD Moments"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

My wife and I love watching movies. It is one of the things that we have in common and we have bonded over really bad movies as well as really good movies. And everything in between.I have held her during times when she was scared and times that scenes have made her cry. She did the same for me although with the way horror movies are made nowadays we usually just have to keep ourselves awake.

The usual scene in the house is that a question arises in the middle of a particular movie and my wife who is a natural Nerd Enabler(I love you) would often ask me questions like. Did this really happen in the book? You read this before right? If Neo isn't the one then who is? was Smaug really that talkative?

Recently we were watching Starship Troopers and I was going on and on like I was some directors cut monologue while my 9 year old watched the struggle between Bugs and Humans. She turned to me and said Daddy I love this film except for the bug explosion parts. She then began to ask me if it was possible to have Insects as big as those in the movie and if there are other planets out there that might contain anything but Humans or Bugs. I gave my nerdy answers.She looked at me with googly eyes and asked more questions.

You see in a house full of Nerds I really am the undisputed King Nerd.And I love every moment of it because when I give an answer my daughter already has another question at the ready.

Watching Movies isn't just a bonding thing too  , it is also an abundant supply of funny memories. Things happen while you are watching.

For example when we were still living in our old house we usually have DVD marathons with my Aunts and Cousins. My Tita Bing would usually join us very very late in the movies. She would find a spot where she was comfortable. Stretch out like a cat. Puff up a pillow or two until she was comfortable. Then she would begin to watch and as soon as she does....The Credits of the film would go rolling up. The Credits just load up and my tita Bing would be so mad because we have to decide which new movie to watch.

Then there is my mother in law who we have over at our house. My wife would want her to watch Tagalog Movies. Usually one of those films with the song titles as their own title as well(Built in Soundtrack!). My Mother-in-law who would complain that she had trouble sleeping would then proceed to doze off in the middle of the film and wake up some time later to find that the movie is about to end. And the funny thing is instead of thinking that she dozed off for an hour or so , she thought she only missed a couple of minutes of the movie. So people who were just meeting are now in a serious relationship , people who were alive are now dead. Confusing and amusing!

Yup , my family sure loves movies and I want the tradition to continue.

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