Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"It Peered In"

"It Peered In"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

I once mentioned to a friend that I think that my family and I do not usually go and find ghosts out of habit. I think we do not go to Haunted Places , I believe that some of us are just plainly haunted.

A couple of weeks back My brother Aj and his girlfriend Gladys went up to Baguio to celebrate the latters birthday. Aj took time off and they were having a merry time. One night changed all that.

It was around 10pm when the couple decided to sleep in the A-House that they were renting in Lowakan Road. The house was practically deserted because the students usually living there was out for Sem break and would be back in a week or so.This house faced the road and at its back was a steep cliff. The room that my brother rented was on the 2nd floor of the house. One side of the bed that they were lying on was facing the window. As expected it was cold and they were able to doze off once they settled in. Aj told me that he woke up and turned toward the window. And there he saw them , a few inches away from his face , separated only by a thin glass window ,  2 red eyes staring at him from the darkness. 2 eyes that did not blink or turn away for what seemed like an eternity.

Aj kept on looking at it because he thought he was dreaming. Whatever it was  , it obliged him as well as it never moved. All this time my brothers mind was thinking how somebody could get to this 2nd floor. This thing must be flying because there was nothing but forest and cliffs where he faced. My brother turned away because this thing was not going away. He closed his eyes and turned to look at it one more time.

Then nothing. When my brother read my story about the Guardian by the window his girlfriend commented that it was like the thing that they saw. Red eyes from the darkness. Lowakan Road has many other ghost stories but those things never happened to my brother. When I go back up in Baguio. I'd rather stay in the City. Not really a guarantee but I guess we would see who else is more haunted.

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