Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"Supplant Form:Your monster, my monster"

"Supplant Form:Your monster, my monster"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

I just love a good battle trick card and todays card Supplant Form is one heck of a trick to pull off come Fate Reforged. At 6 mana it might be something that would be overlooked but there are two clans that could make use of this card , the BUG Sultai and the RUG Temur , both have access to great mana acceleration and would not hesitate to include this great defensive and offensive card.

One of the tricks of Supplant form is done when a massive creature is attacking , let us say a Dragon(and there will be a lot of those). So on your opponent attack phase you get to cast this 6 mana spell , you then get three things , first you have eliminated a threat because you have bounced their creature spell to their hand , second you did not take damage and hopefully this prevented lethal damage and lastly you also put a creature into the battlefield that is a copy of the very thing you just bounced safely into their hand. So come your turn you have a creature that could bring the pain or remain a blocker if you really need it.

Given your opponent could recast their massive creature on their second main phase after they have attacked.This card has already given you so much value for the cost of 6 mana.

Supplant Form could also make waves in the EDH format because it gives you spot removal and a creature in one masterful stroke.Mono Blue EDH deck users will surely be eyeing this one to bolster up defenses this 2015. 

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