Wednesday, January 28, 2015

"Hero's Blade: Wielded by Legends"

"Hero's Blade: Wielded by Legends"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. 

After making my first Tiny Leaders deck I went to check out the cards that I got from the latest Fate Reforged Pre Release(They were in a tiny pile in the house somewhere) and one of the cards that I looked at and liked instantly was this one. In the world of magic we all use filters when looking and finding cards and when I saw this one all I saw were the  advantage that it would bring to the EDH and Tiny Leaders format. 

My old Commander SkullBriar came to mind all of a sudden and if this grave monstrosity had feelings I am sure that it would feel a lot of resentment toward me because it has not seen play for awhile. So I came to revisit the reasons why I turned to other commanders and essentially neglected this potential bruiser.

And here is the main reason , in EDH Skullbriar could grow very big when it connects with a player for damage in the early turns but could die easily to a very weak blocker. I mean when a 1/1 token blocks SkullBriar and he won't be appearing in a couple of turns again or unless you already have enough mana ready to pay that additional 2 colorless mana(Commander tax). However with this great artifact that simply attaches to legends when they come into play I now have an early means to make sure that I could still attack early and not have my Skullbriar die. The best time to play it would be before the turn your commander comes into play. In the case of Skullbriar that would be on turn 3. I mean he instantly becomes a 4/3 creature that becomes a 5/4 when it deals damage to an opponent or could take out 4 toughness creatures on the opposing side. Aggressive commanders will have a kick out of this 2 to cast mana artifact since it is an easy stat boost. All they need to do is come into play.

"Call me Mighty!"
In the Tiny Leaders scenario , there is an abundance of stat pumpers but there is simply no substitute for a card that would simply wait for your tiny leader to arrive and give a decided advantage. It just has to mean that you will need to be aggressive with your chosen commander. Geist of St. Traft is someone who would love this artifact as well. What is not to like about a 5/4 hexproof creature that attacks with a 4/4 Angel right? 

So what do you do when you have creatures that aren't Legendary clogging the battlefield? The equip cost of the card is pegged at 4 and you simply need to wait for it. I see infect Tiny Leaders deck taking advantage of this because this is a permanent stat boost and it saves deck slots for other things like removal or card draw. Ghostfire blade might have something to say about it but I am sure that it is happy with the company.

People who collect swords in the game of magic will get a kick out of this card. Powerful at the uncommon slot and would tend to see a lot of game play in certain formats. Legends are running aplenty nowadays. In Fate Reforged alone there are 5 legendary dragons and 5 new khans that would love nothing but to get a chance to have this equipped on them. Not to mention the other 5 Khans from KTK. I see decks with Anafenza , Yasova Dragonclaw , Shu yun , and Alesha having this as part of their arsenal. The dragons might not need it all that much but we shall see what kind of decks come out of the woodworks bearing a Hero's blade. 


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