Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"Modern Forays: The Muscled Undead Horde"

"Modern Forays: The Muscled Undead Horde"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

There are many things that you could do to zombies. You could use them for target practice , set them loose on an unsuspecting population , use them for experimentation , sacrifice them , recycle them for parts , annoy siblings as in the case of Gisa and Geralf.You could make them go to the gym , muscle up and pummel the crap out of your enemies.

I was supposed to write about this Modern deck last month but I never got around to it. It fit the theme of things that go Hrrrr in the night. Ladies and Gentlemen I welcome you to the The Muscled Undead Horde deck.

14 x Swamps
4  x Watery Grave
4  x Polluted Delta

4 x Diregraf captain
4 x Lord of the Undead
4 x Adaptive Automaton
4 x Death Baron
4 x Gravecrawler
2 x Mikaeus the Unhallowed
22 creatures

4 x Door of Destinies
4 x Aether vial
4 x Black Suns Zenith
4 x Sign in Blood
16 Spells

This is basically a mono black deck with a little splash of Blue for the Diregraf captain. Blue is provided by the Ravnican shock land Watery Grave. And if it is not in your hands you could always fetch it with a Polluted Delta. With the abundance of copies coming out of Khans of Tarkir it should not be a problem acquiring this fetch land.

The deck is packing a lot of Undead and almost each one of them making each other stronger.Yup, we got all the gang right here and they could be a deadly bunch indeed.

Death Baron makes your other Zombies while giving death touch as well. Lord of the Undead on the other hand gives you a little recursion just in case some of your key guys are sent to the graveyard for a little bit of rest(Zombies eventually return from the grave).

And speaking of going to the Grave Diregraf Captain makes sure that your opponents pays 1 life for taking out one of your zombie hordes.Adaptive Automaton could be any creature you like . in this deck he functions as another stat pumping Artifact Zombie.

To make matters a lot worse for opponents Mikaeus the Unhallowed also makes an appearance here. Giving your Zombie Horde another boost while giving them Undying. Each and every one of them comes back just a little bit stronger. Gravecrawler is a 1/1 one mana drop that only gets bigger with each of the enabler zombies coming in one by one. To top that all off he could be cast from the graveyard as long as you control a zombie. 

These ghouls are tough and strong. They could overwhelm opponents in no time. The only draw back is that the mana curve of this deck is very high with a majority of the creatures curving up to 3 mana. Not to worry, Aether Vial could easily power out your zombie captains and then they could power up each other. Aether vial could do this at instant speed too so that you could work around Anger of the Gods or Slagstorm.A turn one Vial is ideal but hey the deck is strong even without it in your opening hand.

Door of Destinies is also a great addition to this deck because we are playing tribal zombies and the more you cast a zombie the stronger the other zombies on the field will be.Sign in Blood is simply card draw and Black Sun's Zenith is a massive board sweeper that you could draw again and again.

I could imagine Getting a Diregraf Captain and Death Baron in pay. They each become 3/3 Creatures.Add a Lord of the undead and they are all 4/4 creatures.Plus big zombie daddy Mikeaus and you got 5/5 Intimidate , Death touch , Undying zombies! A bunch of massively powered corpses for the win.Its like fighting against a bunch of undead wrestlers!Truly worthy of the name The Muscled Undead Horde.

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