Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"Sidisi , Brood Tyrant EDH:Mill Me Baby, Mill Me Good"

"Sidisi , Brood Tyrant EDH:Mill Me Baby, Mill Me Good"
Virgilio F.De leon Jr.

I must admit that after reading the infinite zombie combo that is Sidisi + Mesmeric Orb + Basalt Monolith. I have been wanting to try it on for quite some time and I have not been able to because my Mesmeric Orb seems to be lost in the binders and boxes that are my card pile.

Well , there will be time to buy that but this combo has gotten me pretty excited to put it in an EDH deck with Sidisi leading the way. With Sidisi and Mesmeric orb in play , Basalt Monolith would tap to release 3 colorless mana , this mana would be used to untap the Monolith itself , triggering the Mesmeric orb because a permanent was untapped , you mill one card and (hopefully it is a creature) triggers Sidisi. Producing One 2/2 Black Zombie token. Repeat until you have a Herd of rotting undead corpses clogging up the battlefield.

Of course in EDH chances are you might not be able to pull off this particular combo so you need other cards that could trigger Sidisi and None can do this better than the Dredge Mechanic of the Golgari from the Original Ravnica Block. Creatures and Spells of the Golgari have a Dredge cost from 1 to 6. The highest one belonging to the Golgari gravetroll at Dredge 6. This allows you to return the troll from your graveyard to your hand instead of at the cost of milling 6 cards to your graveyard drawing a card. Now assuming that you milled 6 creatures with Sidisi in play , you would now have 6 2/2 Zombies! And the fun doesn't have to end there because with this Dredge milling there is a high probability you might put other Dredge cards into your graveyard. There are even cards in the golgari like the golgari thug who has a weak 1/1 frame that is just begging to die and go to the graveyard. You get a Dredge 4 in return.

Another type of card that is great with Sidisi would be cards with Flashback. One in particular fits the theme ,The Innistrad card Army of the Damned , which could be cast from the graveyard to give 13 2/2 zombies as well.

Speaking of Zombies Vengeful Pharaoh is surely something that you would want in your graveyard again and again. If an opponents creature deals damage to you or a planeswalker you control , you could destroy that attacking creature and put the Vengeful Pharaoh on top of your library and get to mill him again with Dredge or with the next two cards that I will tell you about...

What about cards that Mill on your upkeep then? Those are great with Sidisi as well. The Sultai Ascendancy and Splinter Fright basically do the same job. Mill 2 cards from your library at the beginning of your upkeep. These two even work well with each other. So you stack their two triggers on the beginning of your upkeep. You let the Sultai Ascendancy trigger resolve first so you could check the top two cards of your library , depending on what you see you could outright throw it into the graveyard if they are creatures to trigger sidisi or get them out of the way to let the Splinter fright trigger mill 2 more cards. The Splinter Fright loves a full graveyard too so he would fit right in with this Sidisi deck.

I am almost done here. I just could not help myself with all these ideas for Sidisi. I started with a combo, Let me end with another combo that could give not only infinite tokens but infinite mana as well. This combo is the Dimir Aqueduct + Tidewater Minion + Freed from the Real combo.

So the combo works with all three already in play , tap the Dimir Aqueduct to get 2 mana(1 black and 1 blue) , with the Tidewater Minion already enchanted by the Freed from the Real , tap the Minion to untap the Dimir Aqueduct. Tap the Dimir Aqueduct again to net 2 mana , use the blue mana to pay the cost of the Freed from the real and untap the Tidewater Minion , tap the Minion to untap the Dimir Aqueduct.

Now add Mesmeric Orb and Sidisi into this mix and you have infinite tokens and infinite mana as well.

So what happens when you mill yourself out? Well you need to make sure that you don't by adding creatures into your library that make you shuffle it the moment they touch it. Creatures like BlightSteel and Darksteel Colossus ,Emrakul , Kozilek and Ulamog as well WorldSpine Wurm will do the trick. I put in multiple cards like this because you never know when someone will pull out some graveyard hate and try to wipe you out.

So there, Just had to write about this Khan once again because I felt that there was so much I left out the first time. I hope that these deck ideas help you out in your own deck building. Have fun creating your zombie horde. I know I will. 

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