Monday, November 10, 2014

"Reef Worm EDH:Draw and Draw and Kill"

"Reef Worm EDH:Draw and Draw and Kill"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

What if there was a way that you could draw your entire library , Well almost all of it.Would you want to do so? There is actually a way and all it takes is a 4 to cast enchantment in Green and this new card Reef Worm that is debuting in Commander 2014. I could just sense my Team Virulence fellow member Nolan shaking with excitement , he has often said that his dream is to draw cards.Tons and Tons of it. Read on and let me show you how.

Now the enchantment Greater Good has been a staple of most green decks so that they could have a draw engine.And it is a great draw engine that also serves as a serious sacrifice outlet. Since the number of cards that you would draw is dependent on the power of the creature you would be sacrificing , it made a lot of sense in green because this is the color that cast the biggest creatures with ease. However with the entrance of Reef Worm we now have a creature that could provide a lot of power and a lot of card draws. And it starts with a just a little worm!

At 4 mana the reef worm seems to attract bigger catches and in turn those bigger catches attract even bigger creatures. So you have a 0/1 worm , that turns into a 3/3 Fish , 6/6 Whale and finally into a 9/9 Kraken. Translated into the combo with Greater Good , it is Draw 3 . Draw 6 and Draw 9 - 18 cards all in all! Of course if you are playing this combo it is assumed that you would have a Reliquary Tower , a Spell book or probably even Kruphix, God of Horizons so that you could keep everything that you have drawn. so what do you do with 18 cards? Well probably you have some finishing combos already in there but if you don't then read on.

You could use an Eternal Witness to get back your Reef worm , copy it with a Phantasmal Image and sacrifice both to draw another 36 cards to go with the 18 that you probably still have. 54 cards! This is a safe number to prevent yourself from being milled out or to prevent death by draw since you still have cards in your library. By now you already have enough options to smash your opponents with starting with the following creatures:

1) Maro
2) Masumaro , First to Live
3) Multani , Maro Sorcerer
4) Overbeing of Myth
5) Pyschosis Crawler
6) Soramaro, First to Dream
7) Sturmgeist
8)Aeon Chronicler

All of these creatures power and toughness are equal to your hand size and you do have a big hand size with this combination in play. 

One particular creature in this lot gives you an additional win condition.Pyschosis Crawler. With each of your opponents losing 1 life every time you draw a card you could have it in play , sacrifice the Reef Wurm continuously to the Greater Good and get 18 damage in total after you have sacrificed the 9/9 Kraken token. It also gives you a creature with at least 18 power and toughness! So if you the card draw damage fails to finish all your opponents you could just sweep in for the win or wait for another shot to sacrifice the Reef Worm again. Reef Worm , Greater Good and Psychosis Crawler counts as an Evil EDH combo!

I was able to see a couple of options that you could do to deal damage equal to the number of cards in your hand but this involved red mana and it meant that if you were playing an EDH deck you would need to have Surrak Dragonclaw or have Temur Colors (R/G/B) to pull it off.

Spiraling Embers is a 4 to cast sorcery from the Kamigawa block that lets you burn an opponent equal to the number of cards in your hand. 54 damage for 4 mana looks pretty good. 

Bulwark is a 5 to cast red enchantment from Urza's Saga that burns your opponent for every card above the number of cards that he has in his or her hand. So even if your opponent has a full 7 card hand. Subtracting that from 54 , you still get to damage him or her for 47 damage on your upkeep. So you just need to wait for your upkeeps and pretty soon you would be the only remaining planeswalker on the table. If you are even impatient you could cast spells like Final Fortune or Timewarp to take extra turns and be done with your enemies.

So opponents could face two prospects from this possible Temur EDH deck , you could attack for Lethal damage with creatures or burn them all away. All thanks to a tiny worm who certainly gives you the choice catches of the day. Time to get me a copy.