Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"Containment Priest and the Creatures that love her"

"Containment Priest and the Creatures that love her"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. 

After I wrote an article about Containment Priest the other day , and let me be very clear about this I did not like her very much and threatened to Doomblade her face ,  I received several threatening letters from several creatures that I have not seen in awhile. The First letter read.

Dear June,

If you don't stop talking smack about Containment Priest I am going to go to your house and Trample you. You don't know the good she has done for me.

Hunted Wumpus

The hell?! So yeah I knew the Wumpus would love the Containment Priest. Casting it has always been a potentially sticky situation since each of your opponents would be able to put a creature card from his or hard directly into play. I mean it is all well and good if your opponent has nothing but 1/1 Goblin cards to put on the field but what if he or she has Emrakul? So yeah Containment Priest and Hunted Wumpus would love each other! Not only do you get a 6/6 creature for 4 mana , you also don't need to worry about the free card your opponents would be able put down on the table for free. They get exiled!

Another Threatening Letter I got seemed to have a lot of dirt and what looked liked sparkly dust.

Hey June,

What has Containment Priest done to you that you hate her so bad? Come on. She is the only one who could clear my bad rep. So please go easy on her. I know where you live.

Tempting Wurm

Sheesh. Why am I not surprised about the Tempting Wurm. He seemed liked a very promising guy. I mean 2 mana for a 5/5! However for that price the drawback is that each opponent may put any number of Artifact , Creature , Enchantment or Land cards from their hand in to play. Creatures are the biggest threat in this bunch , yes there are certainly big threats from the other card types but typically a big creature that comes in for free messes up any gain you get from getting a 5/5 Wurm. Guess who eliminates that threat? Why Containment Priest of course! I am not surprised about this letter Tempting Wurm , you now suck just a little less.

And Finally the last letter I got was written on a scroll that read,

Honored Blogger,

Please discontinue your dishonorable Blasphemies about Containment Priest. She is pure and noble.She will help a lot of people. Please be warned that if you continue on this path my open fist will be the least of your worries.

Iwamori of the Open Fist

Yup, I even have Legendary creatures from Kamigawa threatening me as well. Iwamori has always been a very powerful card. 4 to cast and has a tough 5/5 trampling monk body. Pretty hard core. Only when he comes into play each opponent gets to put a Legendary creature from their hands into play.As if to meet the challenge of a 5/5 creature on the field. Lucky for you if they do not have any Legendary creatures readily at hand but in an EDH setting there is bound to be a whole butt load in their decks. Containment Priest eliminates this worry from Iwamori(Nag rhyme!). She calms him so that he is free to smash face.

I am not taking any of these threats seriously. However nagpa blotter na ako sa Baranggay just in case. So if I am never heard from again and I am found trampled somewhere these three guys are your suspects.

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