Monday, November 17, 2014

"Ang Manifesto ng Tunay na Virulence"

"Ang Manifesto ng Tunay na Virulence"
Team Virulence

Team Virulence was born in the time that Infect was rearing its slimy head in our part of the world and making our way to us normal beings and making us Phyrexians with the Glistening Oil of change. 

As you could see with the earlier Manifesto Team Virulence is a bunch of Infect fanatics comprised of Control Players , Aggro Players and Mad Brew type players. 

Some of these Manifestos may apply to you personally or to any one of your team mates. Every team has a personality I suppose and this team is eager to show how Phyrexian it has become. Though some have moved away from Infect there are always hints of it lurking within them , something that they cannot erase.

You may find yourself here or maybe not. I decided to share this to the world at large in part because I believe that we all have our guiding principles. You may find that you have been living some these principles and not know about it so ladies and gentlemen Team Virulence gives you: 

Ang Manifesto ng Tunay na Virulence

1) Ang tunay na Virulence walang pakialam sa
Meta...basta makainfect eh Masaya na...(Metaman rule)

2) Ang tunay na Virulence makikita mong Infect deck pa
rin ang pinapatakbo kahit na EDH, Modern , Pauper or Pre Release
pa ang format...(Tandang Jiraiya rule)

3) Ang tunay na virulence laging may Infect sa deck
kahit na puro demons o goblins o elves o beasts ang

4) Ang tunay na Virulence di takot Mainfect...Nag
enjoy naman daw siya eh...may antibiotic naman (Pong

5) Ang tunay na Virulence Mapagmahal...nagpaalam para
payagang maglaro...Magnininja pag ayaw pumayag...(Rule
ng mga may Significant other...)

6) Ang tunay na Virulence di smacker...laging
nagkakataon na mababa lang ang offer (June Bryan Basura Rule)

7) Ang tunay na Virulence walang pakialam kung wala
pang tulog basta makalaro...(Kulas Rule)

8) Ang tunay na Virulence matindi sa kalaban...matindi
rin magtabi ng cards pag parating na ang commander (GG

9) Ang tunay na Virulence kahit Asul na ang kulay ng
deck eh Aggro pa din...(Aj Rule)

10) Ang tunay na Virulence ay naniniwala na ang Mantel
ng bahay na ipinuslit at ginawang playmat eh
nakakatulong upang magkaroon ng 4-1 record...(Nolan

11) Ang tunay na Virulence ay may dormant phase pero
adik pa din maglaro at bibili ng piyesa kahit gaano
kamahal kahit di pa magagamit ( Mau Mode rule)

12) Ang tunay na Virulence magbebenta ng Electric fan
, dugo o Kidney at kaluluwa para lang makabili ng
cards... (Abude Rule)

13) Ang tunay na Virulence ay di natatalo...Laging Misplay , bad draw , naglupa at mana drought lang talaga....

Found yourself here?I am sure you have in at least one. We all have our personal codes , Our guiding lights and some of us do not. For Virulence. This has made us what we are.

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