Monday, October 13, 2014

"Pauper Kings: Red Blitz 2014"

"Pauper Kings: Red Blitz 2014"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

Speed. This deck is all about speed. This deck would only go one way. Through your opponents. I tried to refrain from making Mono Red pauper decks because the best components in Standard Pauper all feel the same at the moment and there has been no one drop creature at common from Khans of Tarkir. If only Monastery Swiftspear was in common then there would have been a little movement when it comes to the character of this deck. Nonetheless I am still excited to have a mono red deck in Standard Pauper that could compete and this is the Red Blitz 2014.

18 x Mountains

4 x Akroan Crusader
4 x Foundry Street Denizen
4 x Satyr Hoplite
4 x Nyxborn Rollicker
4 x Deathbellow Raider
4 x Sigiled Skink
2 x Kragma Butcher
26 creatures

4 x Lightning Strike
4 x Titan's Strength
4 x Hammer Hand
4 x Dragons Mantle
16 spells

The deck has 16 One drop creatures in the form of Akroan Crusader ,  Foundry Street Denizen(reprinted in m15!) , Satyr Hoplite and Nyxborn Rollicker. These 16 creatures could form the early attacking core of your deck. Along with the Sigiled Skink. An awesome 2 drop card that allows you to scry for 1 whenever it attacks. Akroan Crusader still produces tokens that interact well with Foundry Street Denizen , giving it a +1/0 bonus every time a token is produced. Nyxborn Rollicker which has a low bestow cost of 2 mana doubles as a creature as well as an Aura to trigger Heroic  when you need it. 

Deathbellow Raider and Kragma Butcher both costing 2 and 3 mana respectively make the deck because of their respectable attacking power and toughness. Both are basically 2/3 creatures that are not afraid to attack. The latter also has the added bonus of getting +2/0 until end of turn when it untaps thanks to the Inspired mechanic. So the Kragma Butcher becomes a 4/3 creature after its initial attack. A potential finisher if I ever did see one.

Titan's Strength  and Dragons Mantle are familiar pump spells in red which give scry and card draw respectively. Hammerhand from M15 joins the deck to make any of your Heroic creatures bigger while inhibiting one creature to block your attack. It also gives a +1/+1 stat boost to your Heroic creatures. A Satyr Hoplite for examples becomes a 3/3 creature and gains haste too. All for the price of one red mana.Lightning Strike gives you instant 3 damage that could be used for offensive or defensive purposes. 

The plan of this deck is to attack as fast as possible before opponents have the time to recover.It is not unusual for a turn 4 kill in this deck. 

Turn 1:Play land , Satyr Hoplite
Turn 2: Play land , Attack with Satyr Hoplite , pump with 2 Titan's Strength,Satyr Hoplite becomes a 9/11 creature! Unopposed it deals 9 damage! 
Turn 3:Play Land , Attack with Satyr Hoplite , pump with 2 more Titan's Strength,Satyr Hoplite becomes an 11/13 creature!Unopposed it deals 11 damage and ends the game then and there.

Yes it seems like a God draw but it just goes to show that with the right kind of conditions it could really end games at turn three. So why don't you try the Red Blitz 2014 and Gore someone. 

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