Monday, September 1, 2014

"The Guardian By The Window"

"The Guardian By The Window"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. 

This is not my story. This is a story that was told to me by one of my best friends.The story happened when she was about 8 or so. She and her mom lived alone in an old house somewhere in Manila. So old in fact that the house and the land that it was built on was rumored to belong to one of Manilas well known Cardinals. My friend and her mom occupied the whole second floor of that house.Going up to their living area was a steep set of stairs , on top of which was a wooden door to the left and on the right a window that was made of wood and covered with capiz. When you opened this window , it had a space where one adult could sit on. Sitting there one could gaze outside and it opened to a great view of the neighborhood.

One night my friends mom had to go out and she told my friend."Mabait ka ba?"

"Opo , Mabait po Mommy." My friend said while nodding.

"Kung mabait ka eh di ka lalabas ng pinto at dito ka lang sa kuwarto"

"Opo" was all my friend could say at the time.

For some reason being all alone made her bored and restless. She wanted to sit by the window and look out into the neighborhood.She wanted some fresh air and so despite her promise of staying in the room she went to the door and opened it slowly to take a peek. At first her eyes adjusted to the gloom and to her surprise she saw something that she will never forget her entire life. On the window sat something dark framed by the moonlight seeping through the capiz. She said that it spoke in a voice that was rasping and guttural at the same time. The creature looked liked an Ox with its horns curving downward. It had burning red eyes and it was addressing her. "Di ba mabait ka? Di ba sabi mo di ka lalabas? Di ba mabait ka?"

My friend said that she was scared out of her wits. She did not know what this thing was. It was the first time she had seen it in the house.A word came to her mind.Demon. It must be a demon.She was alone with a demon right outside her door...She slammed the door and turned the lock. Got out all the blankets from their cabinet and hid under them.Shivering she uttered prayers and hoped that her mom would come home soon. 

Her mom went home later that night and my friend said that she was so relieved. She was shivering from fear and her mom scolded her for using too many blankets on a warm night. I am not sure if she told her mom what she saw but it was something that she told me. I have been to this same house and whatever she might have seen seemed to be gone from the place.Something that we were both grateful for at that time.


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