Sunday, September 21, 2014

"Sultai Ascendancy: From the Ground Up"

"Sultai Ascendancy: From the Ground Up"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

I had a long look at all the clans Ascendancy cards and 2 of these enchantments allow you to draw cards or gives attacking clans stat bonuses or more creatures to attack with. The Sultai are given a little something different. They are basically given a sort of Sensei's Divining Top in Standard.Not a perfect divining top but something that all the other guilds do not have. Predicting the future.

The 3 mana cost enchantment that has all three of Sultai's colors allows you as a player to look at top 2 two cards of your library during your upkeep. At this point you will choose if the cards that you looked at is worth returning on top of your library in any order or should you choose to dump those unusable cards in the graveyard to power out a card with Delve?

So if you choose to put 2 cards back on top of your library you would be able to draw the top card during your draw step. I see this as a great advantage because you are able to filter out cards that you might be able to use now instead of cards that would just be stuck in your hand for the next couple of turns. And if it turns out that you have no need of the cards you have just seen , you are free to throw them in the graveyard and draw an unknown card. When you look at it  , just at the beginning of your upkeep you have already seen 2 cards into the future. Which Ascendancy gives you a chance of glimpsing your next draws? Which one allows you to set up those draws? This is the only one.

Given the mana colors that are required to casting this card the earliest possible time that you could cast it is on turn three or worse. There would be times that this will just be hanging around your hand and waiting for the time that you could cast it but when you do it does give you an advantage over your foes and that I think is what Sultai does all along.Creating situations where all the gains are theirs and all the losses from their foes.

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