Monday, August 18, 2014

"Stitcher Geralf:Sutured Ghoul anyone?"

"Stitcher Geralf:Sutured Ghoul anyone?"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

So there I was moments after posting about Ghoulcaller Gisa and wondering what a Geralf card would look like when all of a sudden Geralf card was spoiled all over the Internet.

I was very excited about this fact since I have been following these amusing siblings since Innistrad. I cannot help but draw a contrast in their method of making zombies. Ghoulcaller Gisa is all about quantity obviously. Raising ghouls to swarm and devour.

Stitcher Geralf on the other hand focuses a whole lot on the quality of zombie that he makes.In fact that guy he is working on reminds me of a certain Sutured Ghoul.

Now on to the card , Stitcher Geralf has the same mana cost as his sister on this one is Blue.He even has the same power and toughness. So I guess them killing each other is out of the question. 3/4 simply cannot kill another 3/4...unless they have death touch. This card could be a great addition to many existing mill decks. He slides just right in but more than that he also gives value by creating a very special zombie for you.

For the amount of 3 mana , all players would mill 3 cards to their respective graveyards. Now Geralf hurts opposing players in 3 ways. 

1) He forces everyone to mill. If a particular player has already set up his library to draw something with Vampiric tutor or Enlightened tutor , that particular plan would be foiled and your opponent would just watch helplessly as that particular key card falls out of reach to the graveyard.Unless they were necromancers then you could just see a certain glint in their eye but more on them later.

2) The second way Stitcher Geralf hurts your opponents is because he would let you choose up to two creatures in any graveyard and allow you to exile those two creatures as long as they were removed by his ability. Of course this would lead you into very important choices. You need to watch out for the necromancer on the table as they would just love to reanimate something to hurt you later on. The obvious targets are the biggest creatures from green or basically just the biggest ones you could find. This would hurt a necromancer a lot since you are depriving them of the choicest zombify target.Ouch.Tactically speaking you might want to be wary of the Primordials that fall on the graveyard.Especially the Sepulchral one.

3) And finally Stitcher Geralf would hurt your opponents with his own version of a Sutured Ghoul. I mean imagine facing a Golgari player and exiling Death's Shadow and Phyrexian Dreadnought after you have milled them. You now have a 25/25 Stitched Ghoul that could end someones life in 2 swings.So yeah that would be a physical kind of hurt.

I wonder who would win in an earnest battle of these zombie making siblings on the battlefield.Well I just have to wait for the Commander 2014 series to come out.Well , till then let's keep on making zombies.