Friday, February 22, 2013

"The Rise of the E-Cigarette"

"The Rise of the E-Cigarette"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. 

     It used to be something that you see once in awhile. However as I go down to street level for my 15 minute breaks I have seen more and more of them in the hands of males and females alike. This is the now famous electronic cigarette which has become the rage among smokers. People actually gather around to exchange juice. (the liquid that they use in the e-cig and not bodily fluids , what the heck were you thinking?). One guy I know even carries a pouch full of the things and is not hesitant to share. It has become the in thing and why not there are many benefits that can be derived from using it but mostly it is claimed to be good for your health.

     An Electronic cigarette or an e-cigarette is nothing but a small electric device where you can huff and puff like the real thing; it simulates the act of cigarette smoking but without the health hazards that are attributed to the act. The physical sensation is produced by inhaling a mixture in mist form, tobacco can or cannot be present but the illusion cannot be complete with the scent of the tobacco. Most of these devices have the taste and flavor of tobacco but lack the scent. Some believe that the Electronic cigarette was invented for those of the population who wanted to continue smoking but are afraid of the ill effects that the real thing has brought over all of humanity in the past decades. Cigarette smoking is an addiction due to certain ingredients that has been mixed in with it and it is a billion dollar industry that would not give up the fight mainly because someone invented a device that simulates smoking and has gotten some people to stop smoking. Some also say that the Electronic cigarette is a response to this addiction, people want to continue the things that they want but not die of lung cancer or any other causes related to the bad habit. Like the Marlboro Men they want to look good , blend in or be tough but people are smart enough to want to live much longer than these popular cultural icons.

     Yes people are now smarter and they want to live longer. The e-cig is a more expensive recourse but it does work more in the health department and people can now smell more like perfume or chocolate or fruity depending on the kind of Juice they use instead of someone smelling like they just took a dump somewhere. With the way the prices of real or "Analog" cigarettes are going (The expensive way) more and more people will eventually just rather get this stick rather than the real thing. It has become a status symbol as well , just add it to the many gadgets that one carries around these days. 


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